Whats in Your Wallet?

Capital One? 1.5% back on all purchases anytime anyplace anywhere? (anyplace and anywhere are the same thing, but Samuel L Jackson said that not me). No, I am not advertising for Capital One and that's not what I am talking about at all. 

How many Costanza wallets are out there? 

After all my years in the retail business, I have a good idea of how many wallets out there are about this size. Can I ask you why? Why do you have this much stuff in your wallet? I know I know, "because you need it." Do you need your Sams Club card when you're at a vineyard? Do you need your preferred members Subway card when you're at a basketball game? Of course not. Here is my everyday wallet and the items in it (that's right, big bills on top baby).

photo (6).JPG

So what about all those other cards? I keep them in my car. If I need my Speedway gas card, it's in the center console. If I am grocery shopping, then I have my Kroger card with me- in my car. All I have is my drivers license, two credit cards and cash. Some of you might need some other items on you during the day- keycards, passes, etc. But when you are going out at night, why do you need that keycard? 

This leads into why you should step it up with your clothing. Men aren't going to carry a purse or "european carry-all," nor are they going to have a fanny pack (I hope).

Sport coats. The sport coat is the gentlemen s purse. You have 4 or 5 pockets on the inside of your jacket you can carry your Quickie Lube VIP card to date night if you really need to. 

If you buy a smaller wallet, your hand is forced a little bit. Buy a small wallet or try a money clip, http://www.m-clip.com has very nice money clips (I personally don't like money clips, but I can embrace their purpose).

picstitch (11).jpg

I am trying to help you look more sleek and polished. But, outside of me telling you this, take a look at BBC News:

Wallets are causing men excruciating pain and it has nothing to do with a lack of cash.
Physiotherapists say they have seen a surge in the number of men complaining of lower back pain and the lowly wallet is their chief suspect.
Experts say men who sit down with their wallets in their back trouser pocket risk damaging key nerves.
The condition is becoming so common that it has even been given its own name - hip-pocket syndrome or wallet-neuropathy. Men who drive with their wallet stuffed into their back trouser pocket appear to be most at risk.

You ready to slim it up?

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