Length of Pants

Should your pants break once? Break in the front or back? Is it different for dress pants than it is for casual? 

There definitely is a correct way pertaining to the cut of the pant- baggy and slim.

Whether it's a baggy dress pant or baggy casual pant, you want to error on the side of slightly too long. In many facets of clothing people always try to make something fashionable when it clearly wasn't constructed in such a way. 

If your dress pant is fuller, try to have the tailor finish the bottoms with one full break at the front of the leg. Essentially that back will be near the heal of your shoe, with a little excess fabric together. 

If you cut it too long, it just looks sloppy. 

But, back to what I said in the beginning- error on the side of too long. The above photo is the LONGEST you should have it. If there is more fabric than this at the bottom of your pants...please get it tailored. 

With casual pants its the same thing, although a little more baggy at the bottom is fine. The below denim is acceptable for the cut of jean it is. Loose, casual, relaxed- 


The fashionable people are cutting their pants shorter having a slight to no break. But!!! These pants are also trimmer, so it looks good. If you try and do this with a wider leg pant, it will look like a high water mistake that you just don't care enough about to try and fix. 

So can you guess what side to error on if you have a slim pant? Too short, correct? Correct!

As sloppy as it looks with too much fabric at the bottom of a baggy pant, it looks even worse when its trim! This is like someone can accept the trim fit that got sold to them at a local shop but they don't know what to do with it. 

Keep that slight to no break as pictured below

Same goes with denim or casual. ESPECIALLY when you roll the bottom of the jean. Guys, just because you see people do it (and yes, it looks great) doesn't mean the jean you are currently wearing can be rolled up and look good. The jean MUST be slim and MUST have a smaller opening on bottom. 

Basically- think of it this way. The slimmer the pant, the shorter the length can be. But try not to cross paths, remember; if one thing is wrong than it's all wrong. 

And if your pant looks like this below...I've got nothin.

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