Recently Added Isaia

Recently we updated our website to add a piece of clothing from Isaia. If you are not familiar with Isaia, they have fantastic clothing and are actually one of our favorite brands today. However, the cost of them are astronomically high. If you are aware of the EC Chantal brand, you know it's main purpose is to bring high-end clothing straight from the mills where markups don't triple the price before getting into your hands. Production markup, brand markup, wholesale markup, (and the biggest one...) retail markup...they're everywhere. 

Below is a jacket by Isaia, being sold this fall by a retail shop. Cost- $2,995.00. 

We want to share this because EC Chantal has access to the exact fabric, and have recently made this for clients at a price tag of $995 (including all the detail work EC Chantal is known for). How is this possible? Because EC doesn't mark-up items like everyone else. This is the exact proof we wanted to share with you to understand the morals on which EC was built. Quality for less. It's just that simple. 

Showroom located downtown Bloomington Indiana