The Interview Ensemble

Have a white collar interview coming up? There are a lot of things you can't control when it comes to having an interview- the place, time, interviewer, questions asked, etc.

The one thing you can absolutely control is what you wear. This is often over looked- even though every single person is judged by how they look walking into the room. You know that first impression? You only get one try at that...why not put a full effort into it?

I know a lot of students that graduate and say "I can't afford $900 on a new outfit, I'll just go to Jo Banks or something." Am I wrong or did you not just pay 50k for the last four years of school, why the hell does a few hundred more matter when it quite possibly can play the largest role in getting you hired? 

Guy are guys, most of us don't even care about clothing (hopefully that changes), but when it comes to an interview, if you dress well- you're going to be better dressed than most of the other interviewers. You can use all the help you can in today's market for sure, set yourself apart from the first impression.

What is a good outfit for an interview? 


A navy suit should be your go to in this situation. Try to get a navy that isn't so dark it looks black when you're inside- and most importantly...spend a little money. If you go cheap, then there is no point to reading the rest of this post. 



Stark white shirt. Don't get a flimsy thin fabric, make sure the collar is nice and thick and there is no pattern on it. 


Many options are fine- but go with a darker red to have that elegant edge to you. Throw in a stripe or pattern like the ones below.

Pocket Square- 

Anything other than a white pocket square for an interview is just a bit much. However, the white pocket square IS perfectly acceptable. 

Shoes and Belt-

Darker brown. The lighter walnut color is a fantastic look, but keep it a little more conservative with a nice dark brown lace up. 

Added Thought-

I have known a couple interviewers that actually walk with the interviewee to their car to say goodbye, specifically to look inside for how messy it is. If there is stuff thrown everywhere, it doesn't matter how well they just performed in the interview- they're out of the running. Keep that in mind, it 'd be awfully annoying to not get a job just because you have a messy car. 

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