Pinstriped Suit

Pinstriped suits have always been popular in mens clothing, from the min pin to the chalkstripe- however, any pinstripe for anyone isn't quite ideal. How old are you? What's your job? Is it summer or winter? Take a look at the guidelines. 

If you are younger:

  • Thinner pinstripes than thicker
  • Closer together pinstripes than wider apart
  • No black suit with white stripes (zoot suit). 

Not all of these has to take place to be "correct," but ideally you would do something fairly conservative on the stripe. You might have a pretty bold stripe, but if its closer together, that would work just fine- and vice versa (not bold stripes but spaced wide). 


These are all either faint on the stripe and wide apart or bold on the stripe but closer together.

The older gentleman grew up with stripes, and therefor- still want to wear them. This is fine, and they look just dandy in it, but the more prominent stripes are swayed to the boomers direction for sure. Not saying a younger male can't pull it off, but as a 101- you might stick with the more delicate pinstripes.  


Of course every guideline has a huge hole in it- this being the seasonal change. The chalk stripe is hugely popular with the younger guys, it's a great look for sure. The chalk stripe suits are heavier fabrics for the winter, and obviously the the pinstripe looks just like the name says- chalk. Try it out if you want some flare- it sure has it. 

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