Jewelry- For Men

Everyone seems to be on board with the wrist wear these days- but what are do's and don'ts of the man jewelry.  What colors of bracelets do I wear? How many is ok? What material? Watches? Rings? Now more than ever, jewelry for men is not only accepted- but embraced. But what turns from "chic" to "gaudy" -or- "gentleman" to "just an out of touch dude who thinks he is younger than he is?"


Absolutely watches are in style, they always will be. I personally am not a "watch guy," I don't claim to know about all the Breitling and Rolex movements and value, because I don't. But what I do know is there are some fantastic looking watches that aren't too expensive. Most "watch" guys will be spending 2k and up on every timepiece they own...but that is a hobby for them, not a necessity. Watches are a very nice addition to any outfit though, just make sure to not wear a sport watch with nicer clothing. And since we are on the topic- why don't you just wear that sport watch when I dunno....you're doing sports! There are some very cool casual watches out there, shop around for that "denim" one of your choice. Last thing on watches- the HUGE watch face phase has died down a bit, classier sleek eternal timepieces are where its at. That Invicta you have?... might need to put that away for awhile. 


Rings is a tough one for a guy- obviously if we're married we understand them a little more. Too many rings, you start looking a little flamboyant. The right amount of rings though, and it shows you pay attention to the small things, 1-3 rings just means you like accessories and like fashion.

Assuming you have that ring finger locked in, the next two fingers that "research shows" are the popular choice is the pinky finger on the left hand and the middle finger on the right hand. This doesn't mean go bling yourself out on three fingers, it just means on a subtle avenue, have fun with it. 


Every now and then there is some celebrity guy that all the chicks are in love with, and he is rockin' a necklace looking fly (right now...Ryan Gosling). His go to white v neck t-shirt and a longer silver chain is something we all look at and say "yeah that looks good." The problem is, we aren't Ryan Gosling. The ABSOLUTE SAFEST decision you can make, is to not wear a necklace at all. If you so dare to, a longer thin silver one with something not overly large on the end should be as much as you try. (And good luck to you).

Bracelets (Wrist Wear)-

Bracelets are incredibly popular, men want to wear them and the woman want their men to wear them. Too much though is overkill, don't stack up eight bracelets on each wrist thinking we all look as cool as Johnny Depp- because we don't. If you see a theme here, just become an A-list actor and you can do whatever you want and the world thinks its cool. 

If you're wearing a watch, add one or two casual bracelets to it. On the other wrist, slip on two or three and be done with it. 

The "research" shows that 7 or more bracelets total is crossing the line into gaudy. You don't need to buy $300 bracelets either, just do your research and you can get some cool  braided leather or natural stone beads for $50 that are the same quality as the expensive ones.

Last thing with bracelets- if you are still wearing the Livestrong (and any other rubber replica of it)...it's time to take that off.  

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

What about earnings and anklets? Well...anklets- never haha. Earrings- its more of a personality thing where you want to rock some diamonds. If that is you, by all means...flaunt it.



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