Wearing BRACES

Braces are the same thing as suspenders. Except, when you're an adult you call them "braces" and when you're a kid (or someone who knows nothing about fashion) you call them "suspenders."

But whats the correct way to wear them? What should you look to buy? Here are a few helpful hints for the ideal man. 

1. Buttons Not Clips 

Make sure they fasten inside your pant waist with buttons, not clips (that clip onto the top of the waistband).  

No Clips Like These

No Clips Like These

Fasteners Like This

Fasteners Like This

2. No Belt Loops

Ideally you'd be wearing pants that have no belt loops. They could have side tabs, or specifically made to wear with braces only. 

3. Adjustable

A good pair should be adjustable, play with whats comfortable but don't make it too tight. 

4. Longer Rise

A short rise pant isn't typically what you want to wear with braces. Try and go for something that comes up a bit higher. It looks a lot better this way otherwise the braces look unusually long on the front of you. 

5. Loosen The Waist

The waist and seat shouldn't be as tight on the pant as it usually is. The braces aren't going to let the pants drop, so keep it comfortable. 

6.  Buttons Inside Waistband

If you aren't sure on this, you probably don't have them. But, your local seamstress can put them in any pant for just a few bucks. You will still have the belt loops probably, but a lot of people make that mistake so it won't be the end of the world for you. 

7. With A Belt?

I am stupefied I even need to mention this...never should you wear braces and a belt at the same time.

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