King Of Versatility

All of us need items in our wardrobes that we can wear several different ways. Versatility. Like a navy suit, maybe a grey suit- these things allow us to put limitless options together for a fresh look every time we wear it. But what IS the true king of versatility? Look no further than the navy blazer. 

I'm not talking about the blue blazer your mom put on your for church, or the fraternity blazer with shiny gold buttons, not even the brighter blue that seems to be a prominent color today... I'm talking about a traditional navy colored blazer (but with the modern twist of course).





Possibilities are endless IF you get the right one. Patch pockets are ideal (flap is fine though), casual brown buttons, different color stitching here and there- and you're in the game. Take a look at the possibilities;

Showroom located downtown Bloomington Indiana