Few Tips FOR LookING Slimmer

Men care just as much about their figure as women do, it's a natural human instinct to try and hide flaws. If you're a little overweight, stick with these guidelines below. 

Darker Colors

Spring and summer seasons aren't your best friend in this regard, but fall and winter is right up your alley. Embrace the warm autumn colors- burgundy, navy, charcoal, brown etc. This will help hide the lines you don't want people to fully see. 


Bold Patterns

LIMIT the bold patterns. Stay away from the window panes and glen plaids. Pinstripes would be fine, but make sure if you're going to do a window pane pattern...it is a softer one. Example of what not to wear below:

Baggy Clothes Don't Help

Some people think the best cover up for being overweight is to just wear bigger clothes. This way of thinking also lives with some shorter men, believing they need longer pant and jacket lengths (I think this would also fall into the guys with a comb over). Not quite guys, you unfortunately aren't fooling any of us,  this makes you look more overweight- (and shorter for the shorter guys). During the fall season, thicker fabrics and layering pieces are abundant, just make sure not wear to much. And by all means, make sure it fits properly.  

Breaking The Lines

If you are a sport coat guy, make sure not to break up your top and bottom half dramatically. Opt for more blending the two in the correct way, otherwise your stomach will be the focal point. 

The picture below is a great example. This guy looks heavier than what he actually is. 

1. The outfit should be reversed, a khaki jacket is a terrible idea for him.  Remember- darker colors.

2. If the blue pant was a jacket, it's too bright of a blue. Keep it on the navy side. 

3. Your best pant to wear with a navy sport coat would be a medium grey. This would be a softer transition rather than navy to khaki. 

Find Your Go To

Find your brands and find your tailor. This might be the most important, a good salesperson will hopefully sell you the correct items and your good tailor will help them fit better. Keep track of the brands you buy to make it easier on yourself in the future. 

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