How Your Pants Should Fit

I went to an opera production this past weekend (which was fantastic) and I couldn’t help but notice all the well dressed, and not so well dressed individuals. Of course, there were your terrible sports coats with the abysmal low arm holes but what really annoyed me was how awful most of the men’s slacks were. It wasn’t that all their slacks were ugly or of poor quality, for most of them it was the fitting that was god awful.

Many of the men were either about to bust the button on their pants, or had their belt strapped as tight as possible to keep them from falling off their waist. What’s mind bottling (you know, when your mind is trapped in a bottle) is why someone would wear a pair of slacks that did not fit them in the waist. Even for the most common man, who knows nothing of fashion, can usually tell when a pair of pants is too tight or too loose. A proper fitting pair of slacks should fit snug in the waist, without the need of a belt but not tight to the point that it is a struggle to button or hook your pants closed.

Now, where I will not judge as harshly is the break of the pants. Most men don’t have an idea of where the pants should properly end. More times than not, I noticed the pants went on for days. Most of the men’s slack were way to long, with just folds of extra fabric around the shoes. Now there are a couple different looks a man can go for when it comes to the length of the pants. The most common is usually the half break, followed by the quarter break. Those are also the safest bet when wearing a nice pair of slacks. If you are really wanting to push the look you can go with no break. I personally prefer no break but, its important to note that if you go for that look your slacks should be trim around the ankle. Do not wear a pair of slacks that have a wide opening at the bottom of the pant legs...EVER, but especially do not if they have no break. A nice fitting pair of slacks should get slimmer as they go down the leg to the ankle.

Another common issue that arises when a man wears too big of pants is all-round bagginess. The pants will have way to much fabric everywhere. The crotch will be way to low and you won’t be able to see where his ass starts and where it ends. I am not saying you should wear a pair of nut huggers but a nice fitting pair of slacks will show off your ass. Let’s be honest, the ladies love a man with a nice ass….so show it off men!

Other, not so common issues can occur when an individual has very large thighs. Men with smaller waist but big thighs are more likely to need custom pants, otherwise they will end up having to buy larger pants sizes that will ultimately fit terribly in the waist and possibly the length.

I know this was a lot of information, so to sum it up…..you want the slacks to fit snug in the waist, have the appropriate break while the slacks themselves continue to slim as they proceed down the leg to the ankle. You want the slacks to fit well on your ass and in the crotch while not making it look like you have a wedgy. Lastly, DO NOT WEAR PLEATS!



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