Not All Fashion Trends Come Back Around

This blog is going to be short and to the point.

People always say that trends come full circle— to hold on to your clothing from a decade ago because you’ll save yourself some money for when it comes back in style. This on many occasions is true; however there are always exceptions to the rules fashion. Some things will NEVER come back in style.

To get specific— baggy, boxy, oversized suits—there’s a reason why they went out of style. I’ve already mentioned this in previous blogs, referencing low armholes and the overall fit of a suit, but I cannot stress enough how outdated this trend of men’s style truly is.

I constantly have to persuade clients to trash their ancient oversized jackets and suits. For some reason, most of them try to hang on to these ill-fitted clothes and give the excuse, “Well they’ll come back in style someday…”


If you are one of these individuals having a hard time trashing your old suit, jacket, shirt, whatever it may be, I want you to ask yourself a series of questions. Put on that suit or shirt, look into the mirror and ask yourself:

“Does this look baggy?”

“Does this show off any of my physique?”

 “Does this make me look like a square blob?”

 If you answered yes to any of these…take it off and say your goodbyes.

The benefits of fitted clothing help both the heavier and slighter male physique. For instance, if you’re a bigger individual, excess fabric is only going to accentuate the negatives, making you appear larger than you actually are. And for you slimmer body types, you’re not doing yourself any favors by walking around looking like you’ve been swallowed by your apparel.

Now, if you’re confused or not confident in your sense of style, there’s no shame in asking for help!

To make things simple, go out and get a trimmer shirt or a jacket with high arm holes. Or for an ideal fit, get one shirt/jacket tailored exactly to your specifications. Once you compare your old outdated items with your new fitted attire, you will instantly see the difference and begin to wonder why you ever bought, let alone wore, your old clothes.

How your clothes should look....

How your clothes should look....

Lastly, some of you may think that your new, slimmer/non-boxy clothing fit to tightly. Please understand that this is how your clothes are meant to fit. You have been wearing a bag for god knows how long, so it is understandable that at first you may be out of your comfort zone, but I assure you, you look damn good.

People need to understand that somethings should have never become the fashion trend to begin with. Oversized, boxy suits and jackets are one of them.


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