Be Bold

Typically, men don’t feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone when it involves adding a pop of color to their attire. Too many of us are stuck in wearing bland, neutral colored suits that do nothing but mirror the guy next to us. Even most celebrities will be seen walking the red carpets in navy, grey or black apparel.


Why settle for bland when you can be bold? A little color and texture goes a long way in transforming your appearance, making you elite against all the rest. Now, let’s be clear, I’m not implying to go all Cam Newton with your color choices, but there are shades of colors that can be added to any wardrobe to elevate your appearance throughout the year. Seasonal trends are prevalent, but don’t get caught up in retail store’s ploy to dictate sales.

Purples and maroons are always popular. As a jacket or embellishment, these colors are going to turn heads when you walk in to a room. They’re subtle, yet eye-catching.

Flaunting the color green will make everyone around you envious of your unique, yet classy appearance. Careful though, green is typically a custom look. The varying shades can conflict with a person’s skin tone, so it would be helpful to have a second opinion of a professional prior to taking the look public. Typically hunter green and emerald is a safe bet. Stay away from olive at all costs.

So don’t be afraid to add a little color to your wardrobe. Be dangerous. Be bold. Be elevated.

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