The Un-tucked Look

It’s hard to contest the convenience of wearing a lose t-shirt with jeans for day-to-day wear. Unfortunately, this conventional standard of outfit choice hinders style and swagger. We understand that tucking in a buttoned down shirt can feel restrictive, however, there is a solution that will elevate anyone’s appearance, while maintaining the amount of comfort as a throwing on a cotton tee.

The untucked shirt is a design intended to fall at the perfect length in order to avoid the need of being tucked in. The best advice one can gain in order to rock this look is knowing the proper placement of where the shirt should end, based on individual body measurements.

The ideal length for an untucked shirt is when the bottom of the shirt hits the middle of the zipper on a pair of pants and slightly exposes the top of the pants’ front pockets.

For some, it is very difficult to find a good untucked fit. So difficult, that a company now specifically tailors to the untucked look, UNTUCKit. It is smart and lucrative marketing at it's best, designing shirts specifically for the untucked look; however, for those men who already have a plethora of dress shirts, we advise simply taking some to your local tailor and paying a few dollars to have them shortened for you. You will get the untucked look at a minimal cost.

Again, just remember if you plan on wearing your buttoned down shirt untucked, make sure it is the proper length. If it’s too long, save yourself from looking ridiculous; tuck it in!



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