The Sports Coat and Jeans Look

I recently came across an article that claimed it is “bad” fashion to wear a sports coat with jeans. Clearly, this is just an opinion; and not one that I agree with. However; I will say that it is possible to ruin this look.

There are two main components to keep in mind when wanting to rock this style: the occasion in which you’ll be wearing it, and the fit of the jacket and jeans.

This upgraded casual look is flexible and can pair well in versatile settings; date night, bar hoping, casual business meetings, banquets, reunions… or hell, wear it for those days you just want to add a bit more swagger to your everyday look with minimal effort. Just remember, do not wear this look to a formal event!

The second component to address is the most important aspect of this style, the fit. If you are a man that prefers rocking the sports coat and jeans look, such as myself, you better make sure the fit of both articles of clothing are complimentary to your physique. To avoid looking terrible, stay away from bagging, or jeans that are too long. Ideally, a pair of “dress” jeans are the best look. They provide a more fitted look with clean lines. Also, rid yourself of the embarrassment that accompanies the outdated, oversized jackets. Scroll down a bit to the blog, “Not All Fashion Trends Come Back Around” and educate yourself on the benefits of properly fitted attire.

Lastly, let’s just say you don’t trust my view on fashion, feel free to read up on what GQ had to say about this topic…SPOILER ALERT, they totally agree with me.

Pairing a sports coat with well-fitted jeans can elevate your style without sacrificing the comfort of casual wear.


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