The Vest!

The vest is a great article of clothing that can be used to either dress up an outfit or be the outfit! Most people are familiar with that first part, the use of a vest in a three piece suit; however vest are perfect for a stylish Spring/Summer look.


The biggest difference between the two looks is obviously one will be used in a more formal setting where as the other will be more of a dress casual look. For formal events the three piece is pretty common and provides that extra elevated look over your traditional two piece suit.


The most important thing to consider when rocking a vest is the overall fit—presentation is everything. To pull off this look, all elements of the outfit must coincide; meaning that the shirt and pants you pair with it must be a tighter fit as well. The vest should fit snug and should fall to your belt line. The shirt fabric underneath should not be so loose that it bunches out from the armholes or the base of the vest. Next, to bring the look together, make sure you are wearing well-fitted jeans or chinos. Yes, we are going for a more casual look, but you still want to look damn good. So, with that being said, don’t put in effort on the top and ruin the appearance of the overall look by wearing slack or baggy pants.

When worn correctly, a vest can be a statement piece for a casual outing that all your bros will envy.

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