The Elevated Slacks


At Elevated Citizen, we are known for the unique detailing we put into our sports coats and shirts. Many people don’t realize that our exceptional design detail is also put into creating our dress slacks—for appearance and practical reasons. Why spend money on nice clothes if they are just going to fall apart after a short amount of use?

The Essentials

Slacks are just slacks, right?


People go to lengths to preserve a favorite shirt or jacket because the design and/or color is they’re favorite and the fit is seemingly perfect. Unfortunately, slacks just don’t get that type of praise or care. That’s becauseslacks are made similarly amongst all designers, making them easily replaceable. Here, at Elevated Citizen, we have designed our slacks with our clients in mind. We know guys are rough on their pants, so we wanted to ensure that the quality and look of our brand is maintained through any basic wear and tear. 

·        We’ve worked with our tailors to design our slacks with extra padding in the crotch to prevent the most dreaded rip known to pants—you’re welcome.


·        We also have extra trim sewn into the pockets for added strength (you know, for those with extra heavy wallets!). In all seriousness, some people are just rough on their pockets and this added trim helps ensure that they don’t fray or rip.

·        The bottom of the pantleg is also one for the areas known for taking a beating throughout multiple wears. Between carelessly sliding on shoes, and those who still refuse to get their pant length properly hemmed (come on bros!), the bottom of the pants get ruined. Well, we know this, therefore we have a heel guard sewn into the bottoms of the pants and have add three inches of fabric that is tucked in at the bottom, for those individuals who are not yet ready to have one break in their pants and opt to lengthen it a hair more.

The Extras


Now, my favorite detail we add to our pants is included around the waistband. On the inside of the waistband, we have shirt stays in the form of small rubber tabs that help keep shirts tucked in! So, say good-bye to those annoying instances of having your shirt come untucked in the back whenever you sit down. We also use a split waistband, which is just a small slit in the back of the band that allows the pants to give just a bit, making it so much easier to sit down and get back up. Our waistbands are also adjustable half of an inch on each side, which is PERFECT for post-holiday season (don’t pretend like you didn’t gain a few extra lbs. between Thanksgiving and New Years).

There is also a hidden pocket on the inside of the waistband—DISCLAIMER: we don’t encourage hiding illegal things there…


Lastly, if you are badass enough to own a push-to-start car, our standard slacks include a key fob pocket on the front of your pants! But as a backup, you can always use it to carry mints—everyone loves that guy!




Showroom located downtown Bloomington Indiana