Blue Blazers!


When meeting with a new client, I always ask if he owns a blue blazer, the corner stone of any man’s wardrobe. Its versatility enables it to be worn as a formal piece, proper business attire, or dressed down for a casual event. If one is not already hanging in his closet, it’s the first piece I recommend adding because it’s by far the best clothing investment a man can make.


The two components that determine the value of a blue blazer, in regards to its versatility, is the shade and style.

The color can be paired with just about any other; even varying shades of blue, as long as they are properly layered. However, I do suggest avoiding the color black whilst piecing together an outfit. The colors will clash, and if you’re considering wearing black bottoms, you’ll look like a fool that got dressed in the dark.


The style (design) determines how much the ensemble needs to be dressed up or how casual it can be. All components to consider in the style of the jacket are: fabric, buttons, cut, and detailing. For example, I would strongly suggest not trying to dress down a shinier blue fabric with metal buttons. Equally, if you have a very loud blue or design (gun patch with contrasted epaulets, etc.) I would advise against trying to dress that up for a professional setting. 

Long story short, if you don’t own a blue blazer you should!

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