Dress Shirt vs. Sport Shirt

Part 1


What is the difference between a dress shirt and sport shirt? Dress shirts are worn to formal events and in business environments, whereas the sport shirt elevates your casual look. Aside from both articles of clothing having buttons and collars, these two pieces vary in all other components. The key to wearing each style successfully is being able to identify which is which, using these four key components.


1.      Collar structure: Dress shirts have a thicker collar, which is crucial when wearing a tie and holding shape with a suit coat over top of it. A sport shirt will typically have a soft collar that has little to no structure.

2.      Length: Dress shirts will always be longer so that you can appropriately tuck in your shirt to give you the more formal and professional look. Whereas a sport shirt will be un-tucked, midway down the zipper of your pants or higher.

3.      Shirt Pattern: Dress shirts will be a bit more bland as far as color schemes and patterns go. For obvious reasons, they are going to be worn in more formal environments. The sport shirt usually will have louder colors and patterns that clearly say this is my fun going out shirt, but they definitely can remain a neutral color with little to no pattern if preferred.

4.      Weave: Dress shirts will usually be made of cotton with higher threads counts that give it a sharper appearance, whereas a sport shirt can be anything from flannel, to cotton, to linen, or in a fabric that might appear to be rougher.

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