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Hey guys, this is Kaleb Ryan - founder of Elevated Citizen and EC Chantal menswear. I have always wanted to assist people in dressing better & looking their best. When I was working in a high end retail store, I realized the way it worked was totally counter to my passions. Aggressive selling techniques were pushed and the customer's best interest wasn't the most important motivation. And everything looked the same - expensive custom clothing looked just like any other clothing, without any distinguishing detail or unique character.  

Initially I planned for EC Chantal to be sold via retailers. After all the markups & overhead inherent to retail, my clothing was just as expensive as everyone else's... which was the first problem I set out to solve. I wanted a clothing line that both looked better and was less expensive than retail menswear.  Today, EC Chantal can produce a custom jacket for $1575 with the exact Italian material used for a jacket that retails for $2995 at Barneys.

Elevated Citizen was revamped to work directly with like-minded individuals and help them enhance or develop their own style. Bypassing retail to work directly with customers has allowed us to curate a clientele who appreciate clothing that is designed specifically for their lifestyle.

Elevated Citizen only accepts new clients on a referral basis. We're a smaller company and we work closely with clients individually, but with growing demand we are currently hiring the best clothing designers we can find to help assist you. Hopefully there is a representative near you soon - if not, check out the FLY TO YOU section!  

Now go find your referral! 

If you have time check out the PHILANTHROPY page and see if the monthly organization is something you would like to help!


Owners of Elevated Citizen Kaleb Ryan, Jessica Ryan, Mike Venable

Owners of Elevated Citizen Kaleb Ryan, Jessica Ryan, Mike Venable

I have always loved clothing, but never trusted someone as much as I do Mike and Kaleb. I know they have my best interests in mind and I can’t imagine working with anyone else.
— Isiah B.- Nashville

Showroom located downtown Bloomington Indiana at 114 S College Ave

Elevated Citizen Mailing Address:  PO Box 1511   Bloomington  Indiana  47402